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Home accessories

Creating a stylish interior is all about making a statement that reflects your personality. Luxury home accessories offer you the opportunity to put your own stamp on your living spaces. Whether you go for a modern, minimalist look or a classic and opulent look, there is always a luxurious accessory that suits your taste.

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Wall Object Eichholtz PratoWall Object Eichholtz Prato
Wall Object Eichholtz Prato Sale price€1.195,00
Fotolijst Eichholtz Theory OrangeFotolijst Eichholtz Theory Orange
Fotolijst Eichholtz Theory Orange Sale priceFrom €145,00
Fotolijst Eichholtz Obliquity Orange picture frameFotolijst Eichholtz Obliquity Orange picture frame
Fotolijst Eichholtz Obliquity Orange Sale priceFrom €195,00
Wine cooler Eichholtz Leung wijnkoelerWine cooler Eichholtz Leung wijnkoeler
Wine cooler Eichholtz Leung Sale price€315,00
Object Eichholtz CrabObject Eichholtz Crab
Object Eichholtz Crab Sale price€395,00
Object Eichholtz French GrapesObject Eichholtz French Grapes
Object Eichholtz French Grapes Sale price€465,00
Bowl Eichholtz Mood Long schaal Bowl Eichholtz Mood Long
Bowl Eichholtz Mood Long Sale price€315,00
Box Eichholtz Magician S opbergbox Box Eichholtz Magician S opbergbox
Box Eichholtz Magician S Sale price€275,00
Box Eichholtz Magician LBox Eichholtz Magician L
Box Eichholtz Magician L Sale price€425,00
Fotolijst Eichholtz Brescia picture frame S & LFotolijst Eichholtz Brescia picture frame S & L
Fotolijst Eichholtz Brescia Sale priceFrom €65,00
Bowl Eichholtz Varese greyBowl Eichholtz Varese grey
Bowl Eichholtz Varese grey Sale price€395,00
Object Eichholtz French Grapes PurpleObject Eichholtz French Grapes Purple
Bowl Eichholtz Roselli bronze
Bowl Eichholtz Roselli bronze Sale price€295,00
box opbergbox doos eichholtz meteora zwartbox opbergbox doos eichholtz meteora zwart
Box Eichholtz Meteora Sale price€395,00
Fotolijst Eichholtz CotatiFotolijst Eichholtz Cotati. picture frame
Fotolijst Eichholtz Cotati Sale priceFrom €125,00
Fotolijst Eichholtz Theory GreenFotolijst Eichholtz Theory Green
Fotolijst Eichholtz Theory Green Sale priceFrom €145,00
Fotolijst Eichholtz Obliquity Green picture frameFotolijst Eichholtz Obliquity Green picture frame
Fotolijst Eichholtz Obliquity Green Sale priceFrom €195,00
Object Eichholtz French Grapes GreenObject Eichholtz French Grapes Green
Bowl Eichholtz Roselli brass
Bowl Eichholtz Roselli brass Sale price€295,00
Object Eichholtz LobsterObject Eichholtz Lobster
Object Eichholtz Lobster Sale price€495,00
Cake Standard Object Eichholtz AnzaCake Standard Object Eichholtz Anza
Bowl Eichholtz Varese frostedBowl Eichholtz Varese frosted
Bowl Eichholtz Varese frosted Sale price€395,00
Wall Object Eichholtz NulciWall Object Eichholtz Nulci
Wall Object Eichholtz Nulci Sale price€795,00
Box Eichholtz Seaside CreamBox Eichholtz Seaside Cream
Box Eichholtz Seaside Cream Sale priceFrom €295,00