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Cabinets + dressers

Luxury cabinets and sideboards are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a stylish and functional addition to their interior. With high-quality materials, craftsmanship down to the smallest detail and a wide range of designs, these furniture pieces provide a tangible way to add luxury and elegance to any room.

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Save €1.145,00cabinet kast goudkleurig eichholtz Cliocabinet kast goudkleurig eichholtz Clio
Cabinet Eichholtz Clio Sale price€4.580,00 Regular price€5.725,00
console table wandtafel eichholtz odis mocha oakconsole table wandtafel eichholtz odis mocha oak
dresser opberger commode eichholtz mocha oakDresser Eichholtz Denver Mocha oak
console table eichholtz sigh theodis wandtafelconsole table eichholtz sigh theodis wandtafel
Save €1.045,00Cabinet Eichholtz NestoCabinet Eichholtz Nesto
Cabinet Eichholtz Nesto Sale price€4.180,00 Regular price€5.225,00
Save €835,00dresser dressoir wandtafel eichholtz denver nestodresser dressoir wandtafel eichholtz denver nesto
Dresser Eichholtz Nesto Sale price€3.340,00 Regular price€4.175,00
cabinet eichholtz lagonda brasscabinet eichholtz lagonda brass
Cabinet Eichholtz Lagonda brass Sale price€5.340,00
console table wandtafel eichholtz natural oakconsole table wandtafel eichholtz natural oak
console table wandtafel hal tafel eichholtz fortunaconsole table wandtafel hal tafel eichholtz fortuna
Console table Eichholtz Fortuna Sale price€3.125,00
console table wandtafel hal tafel eichholtz atzaroconsole table wandtafel hal tafel eichholtz atzaro
Console table Eichholtz Atzaro Sale price€3.125,00
console table wandtafel hal tafel eichholtz fabioconsole table wandtafel hal tafel eichholtz fabio
Console table Eichholtz Fabio Sale price€2.775,00
Save €1.100,00Cabinet Eichholtz GeoCabinet Eichholtz Geo
Cabinet Eichholtz Geo Sale price€4.400,00 Regular price€5.500,00
dresser dressoir eichholtz camelotdresser dressoir eichholtz camelot
Dresser Eichholtz Camelot Sale price€6.100,00
dresser dressoir eichholtz modestodresser dressoir eichholtz modesto
Dresser Eichholtz Modesto Sale price€5.500,00
Save €1.688,00dresser dressoir wandtafel eichholtz crosbydresser dressoir wandtafel eichholtz crosby
Dresser Eichholtz Crosby Sale price€3.937,00 Regular price€5.625,00
TV Cabinet Eichholtz CrosbyTV Cabinet Eichholtz Crosby
TV Cabinet Eichholtz Crosby Sale price€3.465,00
dresser dressoir eichholtz highland washed oak veneerdresser dressoir eichholtz highland washed oak veneer
Dresser Eichholtz Highland Sale price€4.740,00
wine cabinet kast eichholtz janewine cabinet kast eichholtz jane
Wine cabinet Eichholtz Jane Sale price€4.575,00
Save €1.068,00Cabinet Eichholtz Lagonda GoldCabinet Eichholtz Lagonda Gold
Cabinet Eichholtz Lagonda Gold Sale price€4.272,00 Regular price€5.340,00
Console table Eichholtz CallumConsole table Eichholtz Callum
Console table Eichholtz Callum Sale price€2.775,00
cabinet kast dressoir eichholtz clio lowcabinet kast dressoir eichholtz clio low
Cabinet Eichholtz Clio low Sale price€4.625,00
Console table Philipp Plein SkeletonConsole table Philipp Plein Skeleton
Dresser Eichholtz Napa ValleyDresser Eichholtz Napa Valley
Dresser Eichholtz Napa Valley Sale price€4.475,00
Cabinet Eichholtz Clio nickelCabinet Eichholtz Clio nickel
Cabinet Eichholtz Clio nickel Sale price€4.975,00
Save €1.385,00Console table Eichholtz Callum showroom modelConsole table Eichholtz Callum showroom model
Console table Eichholtz Callum showroom model Sale price€1.390,00 Regular price€2.775,00
Console table Eichholtz GardiniConsole table Eichholtz Gardini
Console table Eichholtz Gardini Sale price€2.250,00
Dresser Eichholtz XenonDresser Eichholtz Xenon
Dresser Eichholtz Xenon Sale price€4.625,00
Console table Eichholtz Libertine
Console table Eichholtz Libertine Sale price€2.995,00
Dresser Eichholtz Modesto L dressoir commodeDresser Eichholtz Modesto L dressoir commode
Dresser Eichholtz Modesto L Sale price€5.995,00
Dresser Eichholtz Modesto High dressoir commodeDresser Eichholtz Modesto High dressoir commode
Dresser Eichholtz Modesto High Sale price€4.495,00
Cabinet Eichholtz Billinghurst kastCabinet Eichholtz Billinghurst kast
Cabinet Eichholtz Billinghurst Sale price€4.495,00
Console table Eichholtz BayshoreConsole table Eichholtz Bayshore
Console table Eichholtz Bayshore Sale price€3.995,00
Console table Eichholtz GregorioConsole table Eichholtz Gregorio
Console table Eichholtz Gregorio Sale price€2.700,00
Sold outConsole table Eichholtz Nerone Charcoal oakConsole table Eichholtz Nerone Charcoal oak
Cabinet Eichholtz GarciaCabinet Eichholtz Garcia
Cabinet Eichholtz Garcia Sale price€5.035,00