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Tealight holders / lanterns

Combine functionality with beauty by choosing luxurious tealight holders/lanterns that perfectly match your taste and style. These mood makers are available in various materials, such as glass, metal and ceramic, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Whether you like clean lines and minimalist designs or exuberant details and decorative elements - there is always a luxurious tealight holder/lantern that suits your personal preference.

With their unique charm, these luxury home items can even serve as standalone showpieces, where they are not only functional, but also act as eye-catchers in your interior. Add them to your coffee table, dining table, windowsill or sideboard and watch them instantly add a touch of class to your living space.

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lantern Eichholtz Festival Llantern Eichholtz Festival L
lantern Eichholtz Festival L Sale price€465,00
Lantern Eichholtz Festival SLantern Eichholtz Festival S
Lantern Eichholtz Festival S Sale price€310,00
Theelichthouder Eichholtz astor smoke
Tealight holder Eichholtz Astor Sale priceFrom €55,00
Theelichthouder Eichholtz Okhto STheelichthouder Eichholtz Okhto S
Tealight holder Eichholtz Okhto S Sale priceFrom €60,00
windlicht eichholtz mayson m ook verkrijgbaar in andere afmetingenwindlicht eichholtz mayson m ook verkrijgbaar in andere afmetingen
Lantern Eichholtz Mayson M Sale price€525,00
windlicht eichholtz mayson Swindlicht eichholtz mayson S
Lantern Eichholtz Mayson S Sale price€425,00
windlicht hurricane mayson L Eichholtzwindlicht hurricane mayson L Eichholtz
Lantern Eichholtz Mayson L Sale price€615,00
Tealight holder OctaTheelichthouder octaaf uniek glaswerk rafdeluxe new zwart rookglas
Tealight holder Octa Sale price€40,00
Tealight holder Bombyxx Dior STealight holder Bombyxx Dior S
Tealight holder Bombyxx Dior MTealight holder Bombyxx Dior M
windlicht hurricane eichholtz zimmerman s windlicht hurricane eichholtz zimmerman s
Lantern Eichholtz Zimmerman S Sale price€200,00
windlicht hurricane zimmerman l eichholtz rattan goldwindlicht hurricane zimmerman l eichholtz rattan gold
Lantern Eichholtz Zimmerman L Sale price€250,00
Lantern Eichholtz Dix LLantern Eichholtz Dix L
Lantern Eichholtz Dix L Sale price€615,00
Lantern Eichholtz Dix SLantern Eichholtz Dix S
Lantern Eichholtz Dix S Sale price€315,00
Save €215,00Lantern Eichholtz Vanini LLantern Eichholtz Vanini L
Lantern Eichholtz Vanini L Sale price€200,00 Regular price€415,00
Save €125,00hurricane Windlicht Eichholtz Vanini SWindlicht Eichholtz Vanini S hurricane
Lantern Eichholtz Vanini S Sale price€125,00 Regular price€250,00
Lantern Eichholtz Lanai SLantern Eichholtz Lanai S
Lantern Eichholtz Lanai S Sale price€315,00
Lantern Eichholtz Lanai LLantern Eichholtz Lanai L
Lantern Eichholtz Lanai L Sale price€375,00
theelichthouder wave beige luster dekocandle
theelichthouder cutting metled smokeTealight holder Cutting Melted Smoke
On saleLantern Strip Basket Hurricane Gray XLLantern Strip Basket Hurricane Gray XL
Lantern Strip Basket Hurricane Gray XL Sale priceFrom €37,50 Regular price€75,00
Save €9,00Tealight holder Votive Olive Luster mirrorTealight holder Votive Olive Luster mirror
Tealight holder Votive Olive Luster mirror Sale price€9,00 Regular price€18,00
Save €45,00Lantern wave gray blue pencil cut outLantern wave gray blue pencil cut out
Lantern wave gray blue pencil cut out Sale price€40,00 Regular price€85,00
Save €40,00Lantern wired hurricane for 3 candlesLantern wired hurricane for 3 candles
Lantern wired hurricane for 3 candles Sale price€40,00 Regular price€80,00