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Trays / coasters

If you are looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your home decor, luxury decorative trays are the right choice for you. With their refined designs and high-quality materials, these trays exude class and add a touch of glamor to any room. Whether you like modern, classic or even rustic, there is always a stylish tray that suits your personal taste.

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dienblad kidney marble L
Tray Kidney Marble L Sale price€200,00
dienblad kidney marble M
Tray Kidney Marble M Sale price€145,00
Save €57,50bowl Eichholtz athol roze pinkbowl Eichholtz athol roze pink
Bowl Eichholtz Athol Pink Sale price€172,50 Regular price€230,00
Bowl Eichholtz Kane S pinkBowl Eichholtz Kane S pink
Bowl Eichholtz Kane S pink Sale price€190,00
Bowl Eichholtz Triada PinkBowl Eichholtz Triada Pink
Bowl Eichholtz Triada Pink Sale price€170,00
Tray Kidney Antique Brass LTray Kidney Antique Brass L
Tray Kidney Antique Brass L Sale price€145,00
Tray Kidney Antique brass MTray Kidney Antique brass M
Tray Kidney Antique brass M Sale price€85,00
Coaster Agate (set van 4)Coaster Agate (set van 4)
Coaster Agate (set of 4) Sale price€59,95
Bowl Eichholtz Moca Brown marbleBowl Eichholtz Moca Brown marble
Bowl Eichholtz Revolt TravertineBowl Eichholtz Revolt Travertine
Bowl Eichholtz Revolt Brown marbleBowl Eichholtz Revolt Brown marble
Bowl Eichholtz Avance sandBowl Eichholtz Avance sand
Bowl Eichholtz Avance Sale price€215,00
Coaster Agate (set van 4)
Coaster Tiger eye (set of 4) Sale price€59,95
On saleNerved trayNerved tray
Nerved tray Sale priceFrom €50,00 Regular price€85,00
Tray Kidney Black LTray Kidney Black L
Tray Kidney Black L Sale price€145,00
Sold outTray Kidney Black MTray Kidney Black M
Tray Kidney Black M Sale price€85,00
Bowl Eichholtz Ace TurquoiseBowl Eichholtz Ace Turquoise
Bowl Eichholtz Ace Turquoise Sale price€260,00
Bowl Eichholtz Las Hayas TurquoiseBowl Eichholtz Las Hayas Turquoise
Bowl Eichholtz Alma TurquoiseBowl Eichholtz Alma Turquoise
Bowl Eichholtz Alma Turquoise Sale price€240,00
Bowl Eichholtz Athol TurquoiseBowl Eichholtz Athol Turquoise
Bowl Eichholtz Athol Turquoise Sale price€230,00
Bowl Eichholtz Arliss blueBowl Eichholtz Arliss blue
Bowl Eichholtz Arliss blue Sale price€165,00
Tray Kidney Gold LTray Kidney Gold L
Tray Kidney Gold L Sale price€145,00
Dienblad Kidney Gold M bombyxxTray Kidney Gold M
Tray Kidney Gold M Sale price€85,00
bowl eichholtz kane l yellowbowl eichholtz kane l yellow
Bowl Eichholtz Kane L yellow Sale price€275,00
bowl eichholtz kane s yellowbowl eichholtz kane s yellow
Bowl Eichholtz Kane S yellow Sale price€190,00
Bowl Eichholtz Ace YellowBowl Eichholtz Ace Yellow
Bowl Eichholtz Ace Yellow Sale price€260,00
Bowl Eichholtz Arliss yellowBowl Eichholtz Arliss yellow
Bowl Eichholtz Arliss yellow Sale price€165,00
Save €10,00Bowls Round Antique (set of 2)
Bowls Round Antique (set of 2) Sale price€65,00 Regular price€75,00
Dog food bowl Philipp Plein Nice black marble LDog food bowl Philipp Plein Nice black marble L
Dog food bowl Philipp Plein Nice white marble LDog food bowl Philipp Plein Nice white marble L
Dog food bowl Philipp Plein Nice black marble XLDog food bowl Philipp Plein Nice black marble XL
Dog food bowl Philipp Plein Nice white marble XLDog food bowl Philipp Plein Nice white marble XL
Save €20,00Tray Wood Mdienblad dekocandle wood M
Tray Wood M Sale price€20,00 Regular price€40,00
dienblad embossed dekocandle Ldienblad embossed dekocandle L
Tray Embossed L Sale price€59,95
dienblad dekocandle rough alu Mdienblad dekocandle rough alu M
Tray Rough Alu M Sale price€54,95
Sold outdienblad dekocandle rough alu L dienblad dekocandle rough alu L
Tray Rough Alu L Sale price€59,95
Save €25,00dienblad Lily L sale
Tray Oily L Sale price€5,00 Regular price€30,00
bowls on base rough all dienblad bowl md dekocandlebowls on base rough all dienblad bowl md dekocandle
Coaster Swirl Black
Coaster Swirl Black Sale price€3,95
bowl schaal eichholtz Phaedra clear sbowl schaal eichholtz Phaedra clear s
Bowl Eichholtz Pheadra Clear S Sale price€240,00
bowl schaal eichholtz Phaedra clear L bowl schaal eichholtz Phaedra clear L
Bowl Eichholtz Pheadra Clear L Sale price€350,00
bowl eichholtz lizz S en L brown marble marmerbowl eichholtz lizz S en L brown marble marmer
Bowl Eichholtz Lizz Brown marble Sale priceFrom €200,00
bowl schaal hoorn eichholtz benoitbowl schaal hoorn eichholtz benoit
Bowl Eichholtz Benoit Sale price€230,00
Tray Kidney White LTray Kidney White L
Tray Kidney White L Sale price€145,00
Tray Kidney White MTray Kidney White M
Tray Kidney White M Sale price€85,00
D'argento marble tray 40x40cmD'argento marble tray 40x40cm
D'argento marble tray 40x40cm Sale price€190,00
Bowl Eichholtz Athol ClearBowl Eichholtz Athol Clear
Bowl Eichholtz Athol Clear Sale price€230,00
Bowl Eichholtz Kane L clearBowl Eichholtz Kane L clear
Bowl Eichholtz Kane L clear Sale price€275,00