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Footstools / Stools

In addition to their functionality, luxurious ottomans and stools are also beautiful decorative elements. They are available in different materials, colors and designs, so you can always find a model that perfectly matches your interior style.

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Stool Eichholtz Palinuro poef juteStool Eichholtz Palinuro poef jute
Stool Eichholtz Palinuro Sale price€495,00
Stool Eichholtz Vieste poef juteStool Eichholtz Vieste poef jute
Stool Eichholtz Vieste Sale price€395,00
Stool Eichholtz Ortega Lyssa sand poefStool Eichholtz Ortega Lyssa sand poef
Stool Eichholtz Ortega Lyssa off-whiteStool Eichholtz Ortega Lyssa off-white
Bench Eichholtz NewportBench Eichholtz Newport
Bench Eichholtz Newport Sale price€2.495,00
Bench Eichholtz Tondo S Lyssa sandBench Eichholtz Tondo S Lyssa sand
Bench Eichholtz Tondo S Boucle creamBench Eichholtz Tondo S Boucle cream
Bench Eichholtz Taranto Cascade off-whiteBench Eichholtz Taranto Cascade off-white
Bench Eichholtz Taranto Skyward sandBench Eichholtz Taranto Skyward sand
Stool Eichholtz Avellino light greyStool Eichholtz Avellino light grey
Stool Eichholtz Avellino creamStool Eichholtz Avellino cream
Stool Eichholtz Avellino cream Sale price€595,00
Bench Eichholtz Avellino light greyBench Eichholtz Avellino light grey
Bench Eichholtz Avellino creamBench Eichholtz Avellino cream
Bench Eichholtz Avellino cream Sale price€995,00
Bench Eichholtz Oxley vintage Green velvet olijf groen hockerBench Eichholtz Oxley vintage Green velvet olijf groen hocker
Bench Eichholtz Oxley Green Sale price€1.375,00
Bench Eichholtz Oxley light Grey lichtgrijze hockerBench Eichholtz Oxley light Grey lichtgrijze hocker
Bench Eichholtz Oxley Gray Sale price€1.375,00
bench bankje eichholtz oxley orange velvetbench bankje eichholtz oxley orange velvet
Bench Eichholtz Oxley orange Sale price€1.375,00
Bench Eichholtz Björn Bouclé cream hockerBench Eichholtz Björn Bouclé cream hocker
Bench Eichholtz Björn Lyssa sandBench Eichholtz Björn Lyssa sand
Bench Eichholtz Björn Lyssa sand Sale price€2.195,00
Stool Eichholtz Poef Bouclé creamStool Eichholtz Poef Bouclé cream
Stool Eichholtz Bouclé cream Sale price€695,00
Stool Eichholtz Cordoba Lyssa Off-whiteStool Eichholtz Cordoba Lyssa Off-white
Stool Eichholtz Cordoba Brisbane CreamStool Eichholtz Cordoba Brisbane Cream
Stool Eichholtz Cordoba Canberra SandStool Eichholtz Cordoba Canberra Sand
stool ottoman Eichholtz Poef Mademoiselle beigestool ottoman Eichholtz Poef Mademoiselle beige
stool poef jute eichholtz amonstool poef jute eichholtz amon
Stool Eichholtz Amon Sale price€395,00