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LA Luxury Design: some people pronounce it in French, others associate it with the American city full of glamor and sun. But actually, LA also stands for our names: Liz & Arjan. However you interpret it, it all makes sense. Our range of furniture (both indoor and outdoor), lighting, accessories and styling have a touch of glam that seems straight out of the movies; but at the same time give every room a chic, unique and timeless look.

Our passion for interior design has always aroused our interest. With an eye for detail and our perseverance, we started a webshop filled with accessories in 2018. By continuing to expand our range, customer demand also increased. From selling vases and other home accessories, we grew to furnishing entire interiors.

We value high-quality materials, unique designs, customer satisfaction and exclusivity. Our bar is high to create the most extravagant designs in interiors. Our preference for the renowned Eichholtz brand has a certain wow factor; the style and design are really on a level of their own. Exclusive wallpaper from Arte, which should not be missed. Brands with such allure belong in a big city like Maastricht. In 2021, we decided to open a showroom at an A-location, in the heart of Céramique, a stone's throw from Plein 1992. In the meantime, our range has also been expanded with luxurious and exclusive Woven Artworks by Wendy Buiter.

With a passion for the manufacturing industry, photographing beautiful images and two right hands, Liz is a busy jack of all trades. In her spare time, she cannot be found at home on her couch, but rather on a ladder with yet another roll of wallpaper, a new candlestick to hang or busy working with a saw and drill on a design that is floating in her head. to give shape; because there is always a new detail that she wants to perfect. When another project is completed, the camera comes into play to properly display the design. Liz is available to you every week for appropriate advice, whether for a large or small project. Almost every Monday & Tuesday she can be found in the large Eichholtz showroom in Noordwijkerhout with customers for private shopping. Due to the enormous collection that has been presented here, the customer gets a perfect picture of the possibilities, which ensures that he makes the right choices. Providing color advice and material choices allows customers to look at their interior with a fresh look and possibilities. This also includes sketching products on a map, advice on use and incidence of light. Creating and designing someone's interior design dream is what makes her happy. Making an appointment is possible weekly in our showroom from Wednesday to Sunday, but also at the customer's home or in the showroom in Noordwijkerhout (Monday to Friday). During a delivery, both Liz and Arjan will be present to complete the picture and possibly help with the styling of the final accessories. Because... the details are not just the details! They make the design.

With a past in top sports as an alpine skier, Arjan is a go-getter through and through. In an individual sport, it is important to go with your own intuition. This is what drives and motivates Arjan. Due to his many international trips in the past, where he stayed in many different places, he has become acquainted with many different interior styles and cultures. This formed his passion and dreams for lifestyle and interior design at an early age. His preference is for a modern, sleek design, with chic elements. His inspiration continues to grow to now think about such interiors and projects every day. Arjan is also involved in organizing and planning deliveries. Due to the fast turnaround and delivery time (max. 1 week), projects large or small can be completed quickly. He also supports Liz with daily content on Social Media so that customers get a good idea of ​​our showroom, work and the experience of a visit to Eichholtz in Noordwijkerhout.

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