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Sold outbowl schaal eichholtz Phaedra clear L bowl schaal eichholtz Phaedra clear L
Bowl Eichholtz Pheadra Clear L Sale price€345,00
Bookends Eichholtz Carioca set of 2Bookends Eichholtz Carioca set of 2
Wine cooler Eichholtz Leung wijnkoelerWine cooler Eichholtz Leung wijnkoeler
Wine cooler Eichholtz Leung Sale price€315,00
Fotolijst Eichholtz Pico LFotolijst Eichholtz Pico L
Photo frame Eichholtz Pico L Sale price€245,00
Cabinet Eichholtz GarciaCabinet Eichholtz Garcia
Cabinet Eichholtz Garcia Sale price€4.995,00
Box Eichholtz PineappleBox Eichholtz Pineapple
Box Eichholtz Pineapple Sale price€595,00
Cabinet Eichholtz Billinghurst kastCabinet Eichholtz Billinghurst kast
Cabinet Eichholtz Billinghurst Sale price€3.995,00
Vase Eichholtz Linos L NickelVase Eichholtz Linos L Nickel
Vase Eichholtz Linos L Nickel Sale price€400,00
Vase Eichholtz Linos S nickelVase Eichholtz Linos S nickel
Vase Eichholtz Linos S nickel Sale price€315,00
Vase Eichholtz Linos L GoldVase Eichholtz Linos L Gold
Vase Eichholtz Linos L Gold Sale price€400,00
vaas vase eichholtz linos s gold new messing 117519Vase Eichholtz Linos S Gold
Vase Eichholtz Linos S Gold Sale price€315,00
cabinet kast goudkleurig eichholtz Cliocabinet kast goudkleurig eichholtz Clio
Cabinet Eichholtz Clio Sale price€4.495,00
object kristal eichholtz pineappleobject kristal eichholtz pineapple
Object Eichholtz Pineapple Sale price€1.025,00
bowl schaal eichholtz Phaedra clear sbowl schaal eichholtz Phaedra clear s
Bowl Eichholtz Pheadra Clear S Sale price€240,00
box opbergbox doos eichholtz meteora zwartbox opbergbox doos eichholtz meteora zwart
Box Eichholtz Meteora Sale price€395,00
vaas eichholtz aila l clear helder kunstvaas eichholtz aila l clear helder kunst
Vase Eichholtz Aila L clear Sale price€295,00
Vaas eichholtz aila s clear vase helderVaas eichholtz aila s clear vase helder
Vase Eichholtz Aila S Clear Sale price€245,00
fotolijst picture frame eichholtz pico square vierkantfotolijst picture frame eichholtz pico square vierkant