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Layering textures for this season!

When using natural colors, choosing different materials and fabrics is essential to create depth and thus give your interior a warm atmosphere. Curious about the entire collection? Send us a message or make an appointment!

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chair fauteuil eichholtz toto lyssa sandchair fauteuil eichholtz toto lyssa sand
Chair Eichholtz Toto Lyssa sand Sale price€1.495,00
Vase Eichholtz Avance SVase Eichholtz Avance S
Vase Eichholtz Avance S Sale price€290,00
sofa eichholtz xylon attesso beige nieuw voorjaar Sofa Eichholtz Xylon
Sofa Eichholtz Xylon Sale price€5.995,00
dresser opberger commode eichholtz mocha oakDresser Eichholtz Denver Mocha oak
wand lamp wall eichholtz saint rich single melting ice wand lamp wall eichholtz saint rich single melting ice
side table bijzettafel eichholtz otus round mochaside table bijzettafel eichholtz otus round mocha
arte behang wallpaper textura luxe pandan 34101A sand
Object Eichholtz Desk Accessory Visa TravertineObject Eichholtz Desk Accessory Visa Travertine
Coffee table Eichholtz Amara LowCoffee table Eichholtz Amara Low
Coffee table Eichholtz Amara Low Sale price€1.495,00
Coffee table Eichholtz Amara HighCoffee table Eichholtz Amara High
Coffee table Eichholtz Amara High Sale price€1.495,00
console table wandtafel eichholtz odis mocha oakconsole table wandtafel eichholtz odis mocha oak
Bowl Eichholtz Avance sandBowl Eichholtz Avance sand
Bowl Eichholtz Avance Sale price€195,00
Swivel chair Eichholtz Diego Canberra sandSwivel chair Eichholtz Diego Canberra sand
Arte Behang Manila Atlas 64534 sand
Side table Eichholtz SartoriaSide table Eichholtz Sartoria
Side table Eichholtz Sartoria Sale price€1.495,00
Swivel chair Eichholtz Mello ShearlingSwivel chair Eichholtz Mello Shearling
Wand lamp Eichholtz Caprera alabasterWand lamp Eichholtz Caprera alabaster
Bowl Eichholtz Revolt TravertineBowl Eichholtz Revolt Travertine
sofa eichholtz Sydney organic new beige sand zandkleurigsofa eichholtz Sydney organic new beige sand zandkleurig
Sofa Eichholtz Sidney organic Sale price€5.995,00
Swivel chair Eichholtz LibertySwivel chair Eichholtz Liberty
Swivel chair Eichholtz Liberty Sale price€995,00
arte behang textura cuadro 49548A sand
Dining table Eichholtz Genova mochaDining table Eichholtz Genova mocha
Vase Eichholtz Avance LVase Eichholtz Avance L
Vase Eichholtz Avance L Sale price€400,00
Sofa Eichholtz Malaga SSofa Eichholtz Malaga S
Sofa Eichholtz Malaga S Sale price€4.495,00