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A luxurious vase can not only be a decorative element, but also act as a stand-alone eye-catcher. Place a large, impressive vase in the corner of the living room or hallway, and you will see that it immediately attracts attention and makes a beautiful statement.

In addition, you can also use some medium or small luxury vases to create a bold and interesting display on, for example, a coffee table, sideboard or windowsill. Combine different shapes, sizes and colors of vases for a playful effect that will attract the attention of guests.

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Save €30,00Vase Bulb Spotted Leopard gray XSVase Bulb Spotted Leopard gray XS
Vase Bulb Spotted Leopard gray XS Sale price€25,00 Regular price€55,00
Save €7,95Vase Olive Luster mirrorVase Olive Luster mirror
Vase Olive Luster mirror Sale price€42,00 Regular price€49,95
Save €11,00Mini vase Olive Luster mirrorMini vase Olive Luster mirror
Mini vase Olive Luster mirror Sale price€8,00 Regular price€19,00
Save €34,95Vase Drip Gray SpottedVase Drip Gray Spotted
Vase Drip Gray Spotted Sale price€20,00 Regular price€54,95
Save €27,45Vase Drip GrayVase Drip Gray
Vase Drip Gray Sale price€27,50 Regular price€54,95
Save €8,00Mini vase cylinder spotted leopardMini vase cylinder spotted leopard
Mini vase cylinder spotted leopard Sale price€8,00 Regular price€16,00
Save €35,00Vase Bulb gold SVase Bulb gold S
Vase Bulb gold S Sale price€35,00 Regular price€70,00
vaas vase eichholtz bloom pink handmadevaas vase eichholtz bloom pink handmade
Vase Eichholtz Bloom pink Sale price€240,00
Vaas eichholtz aila s clear vase helderVaas eichholtz aila s clear vase helder
Vase Eichholtz Aila S Clear Sale price€265,00
vaas eichholtz aila l clear helder kunstvaas eichholtz aila l clear helder kunst
Vase Eichholtz Aila L clear Sale price€315,00
vaas vase eichholtz bloom ambervaas vase eichholtz bloom amber
Vase Eichholtz Bloom amber Sale price€240,00
vaas vase eichholtz linos s gold new messing 117519Vase Eichholtz Linos S Gold
Vase Eichholtz Linos S Gold Sale price€315,00
Vaas Eichholtz Bloom blueVaas Eichholtz Bloom blue
Vase Eichholtz Bloom blue Sale price€240,00
Vase Eichholtz Hernando SVase Eichholtz Hernando S
Vase Eichholtz Hernando S Sale price€650,00
Vase Eichholtz Angelito L RedVase Eichholtz Angelito L Red
Vase Eichholtz Angelito L Red Sale price€310,00
Vase Eichholtz Linos L GoldVase Eichholtz Linos L Gold
Vase Eichholtz Linos L Gold Sale price€400,00
Vase Eichholtz Linos S nickelVase Eichholtz Linos S nickel
Vase Eichholtz Linos S nickel Sale price€315,00
Vase Eichholtz Linos L NickelVase Eichholtz Linos L Nickel
Vase Eichholtz Linos L Nickel Sale price€400,00
Vase Eichholtz Zenna SVase Eichholtz Zenna S
Vase Eichholtz Zenna S Sale price€250,00
Vase Eichholtz Zenna MVase Eichholtz Zenna M
Vase Eichholtz Zenna M Sale price€315,00
Vase Eichholtz Zenna LVase Eichholtz Zenna L
Vase Eichholtz Zenna L Sale price€375,00
Vaas Eichholtz Axa Clear vaseVaas Eichholtz Axa Clear vase
Vase Eichholtz Axa Clear Sale price€200,00
Vaas Eichholtz Rapho goldVaas Eichholtz Rapho gold
Vase Eichholtz Rapho gold Sale price€250,00
Vase Eichholtz Martina vaasVase Eichholtz Martina vaas
Vase Eichholtz Martina Sale price€250,00